Mission, Vision, and Values

Working as one for the Good of Many

Our Mission

We amplify impact with the power of community.

Our Vision

A more engaged, healthy and vibrant Lancaster.

Our Values


Every decision we make will be honest, transparent and ethical.  We acknowledge that our success depends upon the generous contributions of individuals and organizations who share our vision and choose to join us in our mission.  We are responsible for earning and keeping their trust by doing what we say we will do and communicating clearly with all of our partners and constituents.


Community is core to our organizational DNA because our mission’s success depends upon facilitating a partnership among three key community groups:  contributors who share our vision and choose to join us in our mission, community organizations that create meaningful impact in Lancaster, and like-minded organizations and individuals who participate in our events to generate awareness and funds for the organizations we support.

Good Stewardship

Because our impact on the Lancaster community is created by amplifying resources contributed by others, we are committed to being good stewards of our mission, as well as the financial resources that support that mission.  This stewardship will be achieved across all of our work: by following a robust grant solicitation, review and approval process that is aligned with our mission, clearly articulating the ways in which we intend to use resources contributed to support our mission, documenting the use of those resources using accounting best practices provided by a reputable independent accounting firm, and reporting back to our partners how their funds were used to support our mission and impact the Lancaster community.