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Obtaining a real estate license in Pennsylvania is not difficult. Contact us if you want to know what to expect.


Agents who join our team are impressed with the support they receive to help them grow their business.


RE/MAX SmartHub Realty is growing with sustainability in mind. Find out why Top Agents and Micro Teams are making the switch.


Tanya Sutcliffe

They mention in pre-licensing classes to take the time to interview a few brokerages before deciding on the one you feel will best work for you to place your license. As a recent agent who just switched brokerages, I can tell you this step is something I now look back on and wish I would have done.

As I left the SmartHub office, I knew this is where I needed to be. The transition could not have been more smooth and the help did not stop there. Jeremy and Mitch, along with the entire RE/MAX team, wants you to be the best agent you can be and have been a great asset to my career!

Kendra Rhinier

I debated switching brokerages for years, but was terrified of how challenging that would be. Jeremy and Mitch were there to walk me through every step making it happen with ease. Jeremy has been very empathetic to my fears in this business but has provided  me the  tools and a gentle push to step out of my comfort zone to take my business to the next level. In fact all the agents work as a team supporting each other, sharing tools they are using to successfully navigate the market. My only regret is not making this change sooner. 

Dan Boensch

The low monthly membership fee of $495 has made it possible for me to allocate more money to advertising and other activities that are helping me grow my business. The support, modern office, forward-thinking approach, and great office culture has also exceeded my expectations.

Matthew Weaver

100% Commission can be misleading…but at RE/MAX SmartHub Realty I keep 99% of my Gross Commission and pay a low monthly membership fee of $495.  My clients pay a $395 transaction fee.  Transparency is key and there are no hidden fees.  I’ve been able to re-invest in my business and grow at a rate that is comfortable for me and my family.

Cindy Barton

The transition to RE/MAX SmartHub has gone quite smoothly for me, mainly because of the support and the people at the office. Jeremy Ganse and Mitch Gready have been a wonderful help to get me all changed over to the new systems and plugged into the many programs that are available.   

There is so much that they offer, and it is included in our $495/month membership fee. Change is always hard for me, and they have guided me right through it! The office is also a very comfortable and attractive workspace that I enjoy spending time in